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Quarantine at Folkehøgskole

Even if folk college is a safe place in the time of the corona, and life goes on as usual, infection and quarantine can occur. Here are some tips for what you can do when the quarantine days get long:

After 2 years with corona, it is the first time Oslofjord Folkehøgskole experience infection at school so that students have to be quarantined. A bunch of the students who sat in their rooms have the following tips for others in quarantine at folk high school:

    • Watch an exciting series or film
    • Go on a trip to a place you’ve never been before – and preferably go on 2 trips a day and with someone else
    • Order some delicious food
    • FaceTime with friends and family
    • Get out of bed every day
    • Go to other students at the community college who are in quarantine and talk to them through the window
    • Make Tiktoks
    • Organize and tidy your things
    • Decorate the room
    • Do research on education
    • Listen to music
    • Keep the circadian rhythm
    • Keep your room tidy and clean at all times
    • Furniture in the room
    • Talk to someone every day


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