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We facilitate an active everyday life. There are various sports arenas near the school.

The school’s outdoor areas, training room and gymnasium invite both ball games and strength training. We offer training for a fixed hour each week. In addition, we make it possible for students to organize tournaments, ball games and activities.

The coastal path goes just past the school grounds, and winds beautifully along the sea towards Sandvika in Bærum, and out to Fornebulandet in the opposite direction. In addition, you will find many opportunities for physical activity in the immediate vicinity.

Sports arenas

Football pitches, tennis courts, indoor golf course and curling rink, fitness centre, ski resort and climbing wall – to name a few that are in the immediate vicinity of the school. There are always pupils who go bowling, paintball or go-karting. Otherwise, only your imagination sets limits to what else you can find within sports and activities elsewhere in the capital.


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