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In Oslo

We use Tigerstaden a lot, but also outside the teaching there is a sea of offers within cultural life and other experiences. Join us in discovering the capital – both with us and on your own!

It’s not something you can’t find in Oslo! Here you will find many different offers and activities, but perhaps one of the best things is just walking around and looking at life in the many different parts of the city.

Cultural life

We go together to the Opera, Kunstnernes Hus and to Holmenkollen. In addition, you have an entire school year to make use of Oslo’s rich cultural life. Music, architecture, art and theater – to name a few.


All the nations of the world are represented in Oslo, which makes the city multicultural. Here you will find thousands of exciting restaurants, food halls and food trucks. Oslo consists of many different districts; each with its own distinctive character. You will find places where you can feel both the city pulse and the resting pulse.


In Oslo you will find educational institutions in all professions, and there are many job opportunities here. We are also a folk university located close to the center of power in Norway. There is a rich organizational life in Oslo, and it is easy to find something YOU can get involved in here, both within politics and other interests. Many students choose us precisely because of this.


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