Rescue and preparedness Oslo | Oslofjord Folkehøgskole

Rescue and preparedness Oslo

Lifesaving at sea, on land and in the mountains. Be ready for a lot of action. Learn about crisis psychology and trauma treatment.

This is the line for those of you who want to be there where it happens! Learn how to help people in an emergency. The focus will be mostly on sea rescue in collaboration with the Rescue Company, but also basic first aid and rescue services on land and in the mountains.

You will learn about the psychological things that happen to people who experience crises and trauma. Therefore, there will be both teaching and exercises related to crisis psychology and trauma treatment.

Here are some samples from the line:

  • The lifesaving test in cold and warm water, outside and inside
  • Extended first aid with emergency care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator
  • Sea rescue course at the RS Sea Rescue School in Horten
  • Sjøvet and trip with Redningsskøyta
  • Course as a volunteer in the Rescue Company
  • Crisis psychology and psychosocial first aid
  • Courses and teaching in psychology and trauma
  • Participation as a volunteer
  • Avalanche training
  • Boat driving test

There will be 2 scheduled journeys:

  • Voyage with a school ship in Scandinavia
  • Alpine and avalanche courses in the Alps or Jotunheimen


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