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Employees and board

Oslofjord Folkehøgskole has committed and pleasant teachers and staff. Together we want to give you a wonderful school year, where you will feel seen and looked after!

Kristina Sletten Andersen
Jon-Peter Asperud
Administration Manager
Marianne Stormoen Jepsen
Teacher – Design clothes and interiors
Kari Cecilie Wedum Barman
Teacher – Tourism + Boarding director
Niklas Arnesen
Teacher – Music production
Bitte Velund
Teacher – Social work in Oslo
Ruben Eiksund
Teacher – Music production
Renate Moen
Teacher – Design clothes Oslo + Scholarship teacher
Steinar Berg
Operations Manager
Asitha Kahavidanalage
Kitchen manager
Omar Belrami
Kitchen assistant
Magdalena Bozena
Cleaning worker

The board of Oslofjord folkehøgskole is responsible for the school’s operations. The board represents the owner and consists of 6 members. The board oversees the school’s activities, approves the school’s budget, and is responsible for the overall financial accounts.

The chairman of the board is Billy Taranger. Phone: (+47) 900 83 050. Email: billy@taranger.org


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