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At school

Something happens at school every evening, including Saturdays. Both teachers and fellows organize the activities. We are concerned that you as a student should help shape YOUR school year, and be active in the social life at school.

We have two rooms with large screens and sofas, so that students can watch films and series or play TV games. In the student basement you can play billiards and table tennis, and there are always people playing board games and organizing quiz nights.

Or how about arranging a coffee evening in our cool coffee bar or starting tournaments in the gymnasium?

Student evenings

Some evenings there is something extra for everyone, where fellows and students create a lot of fun together. Bad taste party, role-playing wedding, New Year’s ball, birthday party and Master of Masters are some examples of traditions with us. There is also room for students to organize themed evenings during the week.

Corridor competitions are also a fun feature in your free time. It’s extra fun to see how much work is put into the student evenings where the lines compete to make the best one!


We have facilities that facilitate you to use your creativity. You can make things, whether it’s drawing, knitting, sewing something on a sewing machine, making something out of clay, or cooking good food together in a student kitchen. Our new music studio is also open in the evening, and there is a lot of activity here.


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