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In recent years, Niklas has been active in the studio with production and vocal arrangements. He has a bachelor’s degree in music with specialization in vocals, and has many years of experience as a freelance singer and musician. He won TVNorge’s singing competition “All together Now” in 2019! You will also receive lessons from Ruben in music production. He has twenty years’ experience as a sound technician, organizer and choir leader. He has worked for music publishers in Oslo, and has piano and cello as his main instruments.

Niklas Arnesen
Teacher – Music production
Teacher – Music production

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Niklas is the school’s professional vocalist! If Niklas is not to be found at school, he is probably working as a professional vocalist somewhere in the country. He is quick with his lines and likes to organize bingo nights for the students. These are always popular.

Niklas easily gets in touch with the students and likes to stay up a little extra late for a good chat in the evening. He likes to exercise and run, and is a master at baking cakes!


Ruben has an eye for detail and knows a lot of different things. He is a connoisseur and loves good food and does not go out of his way to cook some gourmet food with the students. Ruben is generous and good with words and occasionally writes some observations about life. He is fond of his Jaguar and likes slightly special, preferably English, cars.

He is more than happy to serve up a cracking joke, and you always hear him whistling or humming when he walks around the school.


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