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You are unique! We want Oslofjord Folkehøgskole to be a place where you feel seen and accepted for who you are. We are a smaller school where you should feel safe and looked after.

The Folk College at the Oslofjord will give you both the freedom and security of to get to know yourself, others and Oslo better. It is important that you feel looked after as a student.

Freedom and security

Going to folk college gives you memories and friends for life. You experience getting to know yourself and the world around you better, and you will be challenged in conversations and living closely with others. At the same time, it may be the first time you move away from home. With us, you will feel the freedom within a safe framework, with good and warm employees around you.

Since we are a school with 60-70 students, we quickly get a sense of us, where everyone knows everyone.

We are concerned that everyone should care about each other, and believe it is important to look up and see others around you. Helping to wash the stairs, waking up someone who has overslept, looking after someone who is ill in their room, or giving a pat on the back, makes the folk college warmer.

Diversity and meaning

You are unique and important and have value in yourself. Our different qualities complement each other, and we believe that diversity strengthens the community. Here there is room for discussion and you will experience being challenged, both in terms of opinions and experiences.

Oslofjord Folkehøgskole bases all these values on the Christian outlook on life. Here there is room for both faith and doubt. All students are welcome to us, and we have respect for the individual, regardless of beliefs and opinions.

Applicants must be 18 years of age by the end of the calendar year in which the school starts. On admission, we work to accept students who ensure a good and varied learning and development environment at the school.

The Norwegian Baptist community owns our school, which was built in 1958. We are proud that peace prize winner and Baptist Martin Luther King jr. visited our school when he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.


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