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Study trip to Thailand

What are the differences and similarities between Norway and Thailand? After a few months together on the Oslofjord, we leave winter and cold and set course for the “Far East”. The trip has been added to spring 2024.

From cold winter Norway to the summer heat of the East. We first arrive in Thailand’s capital.


Bangkok is an exciting city with floating markets, street restaurants and bustling backpacker life. Small tuk-tuks take us where we want, and you get the opportunity to develop your haggling skills in the various stalls. The taste buds can really get something to whet your appetite if you try “spicy local street food”.

Social work

We visit a day center for needy children in Bangkok. After a few adventurous days in the capital, we take the bus for a couple of hours and end up in Pattaya. This exciting city has a lot to offer and many associate the place with social challenges.

We will explore Thailand at street level.

These streets are our classroom, and many topics and discussions will arise, and not least you will get to work on your prejudices. Among other things, we visit the Seamen’s Church, which has many years of experience with social work in Thailand.

Beach life and diving

The last few days we spend further south in the country in Krabi, where the opportunities for diving are well organised. In addition to anthropology and social challenges at street level, the timetable includes kayaking, jungle tours, cooking classes and Thai massage.

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