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Apply for half-year courses now!

We start half-yearly courses on all our lines from January. Tip someone who finds student life lonely, or who finds a gap year boring.

Submit a simple application here: Application Oslofjord Folkehøgskole

Did your student life turn out differently than you had imagined? Were you more alone as a student than you thought, or have you found out that you chose the wrong course of study? Maybe you planned a year off this school year, but it got a bit boring? Or did you not get the job you wanted? Then maybe half a year at folk college is something for you!

We accept students on all our five lines from January. Then you get both the opportunity to immerse yourself in your hobby or topic you are curious about. In addition, you get a very social six months, where we come up with a lot together in everyday life. Here at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole, something happens every evening and every weekend!

You will have a very social six months!

Not least, you get the line journeys in March, where each line plans a journey. Due to the infection situation in the world, it is uncertain where the trips will go, but we expect to go abroad.

At the beginning of February, the whole gang travels to Hemsedal on a winter trip together!

Our half-year students will be part of the lines that started in autumn 2021. We make arrangements for a good and safe start, so it should be easy and pleasant to enter the environment both on the line, the boarding school and the environment in general. With around 60 students, it’s a transparent environment, and our scholarship students are extra good at making people feel seen and included!

Here you can read more about the individual line: Design clothes and interior < a href="">Social work in Oslo Travel and global understanding Vocal < a href="">Music production

You just have to look forward to a safe and social six months, and it’s easy to apply: Send application

Here you can read more about why you should attend a six-month course: Start folkehogskole in January


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