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Design clothes Oslo

Do you want a career in design, fashion and clothing? Learn about climate-friendly fashion, get help to find your own style, and join an exciting cruise to Japan where fashion and design are at the center.

Do you want to design for the future with a personal style? With us, you learn to design and sew clothes, and adapt the clothes to different bodies. We also work on creating new garments from old treasures, here at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole the focus is on reuse and redesign!

This is an opportunity to prepare for higher studies, and you also get the opportunity to work on entrance exams if you wish.

Sewing technique and design

Everyone learns to design and sew their own clothes based on sewing and redesign, or by using fabric by the meter or recycled fabric. You will learn basic sewing techniques and how to sew according to a pattern. Eventually you will discover that you can sew exactly what you want!

You can sew exactly what you want!

Make what you want and think is nice – here you get the freedom to make clothes and accessories in your own style!

Design in Oslo

Oslo has a lot of exciting things to offer in terms of design and reuse! Folkehøgskolen visits various stores and showrooms in Oslo, and other players in the design industry.

During the school year you get courses and inspiration from influencer Ingrid Vik Lysne.

We shop at various thrift stores and flea markets, and learn about how they work at, for example, Fretex.

There is also the possibility that the student at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole can create their own pop-ups at the markets in Birkelunden and Vestkanttorget in Oslo, and sell their own designs there.

We are planning photo shoots in Oslo’s fresh areas, perhaps in collaboration with other folk colleges.

Immersion and collaboration

During the year, we have specialization in printing and textile painting. In addition, we collaborate with the second-hand store M&E. Here we help with production and plan a catwalk.

Catwalk in the new M&E thrift store in Oslo

Creative environment

The line is characterized by a creative environment, where we help each other with good ideas and learn from each other. The design room is used extensively by the students both during the day and in the evening, and when creative students work together, an engaging environment is created!

The line is both for those who are new to the field, and for those who have experience with sewing and design. The teaching on the line is adapted to different levels.

During the school year, Oslofjord Folkehøgskole organizes both exchange days and catwalks.

Climate-smart and durable fashion

We work on how we can follow fashion and at the same time think about the environment. What is sustainable fashion and how can we think more sustainably about our clothes? Sometimes we choose to buy new, so what should we choose? Which materials and which design are climate smart?

When the school year is over at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole, you have practice in choosing new smart things. You can live without spending a lot, and make the clothes you want, and which suit your own body!

Study trip to Japan!

In the spring we go on a study trip to Japan! The big cities of Tokyo and Kyoto have some of the world's best offers for design, fashion and culture.


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