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What is folk high school?

Did you know that folk college is something more than a gap year, that there are no assessments and that there are no grade requirements to get in?

Many have heard of folke høgskole, and there are over 80 of them in Norway, but what is it really that you get and experience during a year?

What is Folke høgskole?

Folkehøgskole is the freest school in the world. Here it is completely free for assessments, exams and grades. We strongly believe that people learn best without pressure, and by choosing something you yourself are interested in and motivated for.

There are no grade requirements at folk high school

You choose a line at a folk college, and follow this throughout the year. The most common is to go to folk university straight after upper secondary school, but we also take in students who have not completed upper secondary school, or who want to take a break from their studies or work.


How does one live at a folk college?

Folkehøgskoler consists of boarding schools, which means that there are separate halls or buildings connected to the school, where the students live throughout the school year. The most common is to stay in a double room, and for example at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole everyone has their own bathroom in the room.


In general, what does a year of folk high school include?

A folk college year consists of teaching on the line, but there are also elective subjects, joint subjects, washing, training and Saturday teaching on the timetable. A few weeks of the year are project weeks, where you work more with line subjects, or something interdisciplinary.

During the school year we also go on trips, both in Norway and abroad.

Going to folk college means feeling like part of a community, and therefore there is a lot going on afternoons, evenings and weekends.< /a> Both the students themselves, environmental grantees and staff help organize, and together we create good experiences and memories for a lifetime!


What are you left with after one year at folk college?

You will receive 2 credits and part of the student loan converted into a scholarship. In addition, you are left with more competence within the line you chose, and perhaps you have become more confident about what you want to choose next in terms of studies and work.

Many who have gone to folk college say that they have developed a lot personally.

You will get to know many people, both people who are similar to you and very different. In teaching and otherwise, we facilitate reflections and discussions around important topics. We also share many experiences, create memories together, and form friendships at a folk college. All of this probably helps shape you as a person later in life.


How much does a year at Folke høgskole cost?

The schools have many different prices, from NOK 90,000 to NOK 170,000. You can apply to Lånekassen for loans and grants, which cover most of the price for average school. Read more here what you pay to attend Oslofjord Folkehogskole .

Are you considering Folke högskole?

Read more about the exciting courses and subjects we offer at Oslofjord Folkehøgskole. Please also check out which electives and joint subjects we have.


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