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Travel life

You get to help plan and carry out 3 trips during the school year. In South Africa and Mozambique, you will have exciting encounters with people, experience wildlife and culture. We are also planning an environmentally friendly trip without the use of airplanes in Europe, where the students decide the destination together. Right before the end of school, the students go on a backpacking trip in Norway!

A good trip requires good preparation. Therefore, you learn as much as possible about the culture and the place we are going to visit, about history, language, politics, traditions and about ethical perspectives when travelling.

Practical everyday school life

Learn more about other countries and cultures, about human rights and aid. We acquire that knowledge, among other things, by visiting businesses such as the Nobel Peace Centre, the Holocaust Centre, Utøya aid organisations, travel agencies, embassies and asylum reception centres.

We also invite exciting guests to the classroom.

Three journeys

On our travels we visit places and people that ordinary tourists do not meet. It gives you the opportunity to see the world with new eyes, gain a new understanding and perhaps a new view of yourself.

In South Africa, you travel to Cape Town, Robben Island and Johannesburg. In addition, there will be wildlife, a safari in Kruger Park and swimming on a short trip to Mozambique.

In the spring, the students themselves plan a flight-free destination! In the past we have had exciting train journeys through Europe!

Just before the end of school, you travel in a small group backpacking on a low budget in Norway.

Are you adventurous and want to learn about travel and other cultures? Then this line is for you!


Study trip to South Africa!

In the spring semester, we go on a four-week study trip to South Africa. And in the autumn, you yourself help to choose the destination!


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